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Briefly about Open International Joint-stock Corporation “GLOBAL MARINE POLLUTIONfrom “Merchant Navy Engineer” part of “Global Marine Placement” Crew Management, Marine Crewing company like the part of the above Corporation.

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Gentlemen, we invite you to take part in a simple and noble cause of professional cleaning of the Earth’s oceans from carbon-containing pollution (primarily from plastic pollution). The processing of this deadly for all living things and, above all, for a person on Earth, garbage into excellent and expensive types of fuel (Gasoline, diesel fuel, fuel oil, gas, coke) in an absolutely environmentally friendly way as developed.

This technology so far no has been applied. Details of our crowdfunding you can read below. To whom, if not to us, who gave most of their lives for oceans, and whom the Sea fed, to successfully fight for oceans lives.

We do not ask for big donations, on the contrary, we will create a cheap and completely safe line for processing all carbon-containing waste into high-quality fuel and even try to put the pilot plant on a small vessel.

It does not require large expenditures, and the benefits will be right from the moment of your generous donation to the common cause. This site will immediately become part of your business and we will work for your prosperity and growth, for your well-being. And you will get the dividends. Everything that we do will be yours and the design of line and the vessels and this site. And you will get very not bad dividends.

By helping us you help yourself and above all to your children, who will enjoy, as we all do, the beauties of the LIVE ocean, and not the stench of a lifeless desert. All materials on crowdfunding read below.

Please read important and interesting information below and let’s work together. Clean up our planet from dirt!

Or Come Directly on Our Site:

White Paper about:

The reality is that virtually this entire site is White Paper of the International Open Joint-stock Corporation “Global Marine Pollution”. To proceed to the discussion of the financial structure of the corporation and the open the first lot of the first cluster of the stage-by-stage crowdfunding we recommend to get acquainted with the information

  • about us HERE
  • what we actually offer today HERE,
  • with the supposed organizational structure of the corporation HERE,
  • with the engineering idea of ​​processing carbon-containing garbage HERE,
  • about the additional commercial possibilities of operating the vessel HERE,
  • with frequently asked questions HERE,
  • what is being done HERE,
  • with the history of the idea HERE,
  • with the official logo and the corporate flag HERE,
  • with the Privacy Policy HERE,
  • The main threat of plastic water pollution HERE  
  • If you have read at least part of the proposed pages, it will be easier for us to explain the financial structure of the corporation – the main source of your estimated income.

The proposed financial structure for the first Lot (one small vessel + line for the processing of carbon-containing garbage) the first Cluster of three Lots (three processing vessels) will be on White Paper.


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We All For a Clear World!
Our site is part of the International Open Commercial Shareable Corporation “GLOBAL MARINE POLLUTION” (Sea Life Defend). Briefly, about this Corporation, you can read below.
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This site is only part of the main site. The main site is dedicated to the International Open  Joint-stock Corporation ‘Global Marine Pollution Ltd.’ (sea life defend). The corporation was created for the professional cleaning of the Earth’s oceans from pollution and recycling of garbage into fuel in an environmentally friendly way right on any places all over the oceans. It was created to save a life in the oceans. It will open a lot of jobs for professional sailors. All those who contribute will receive dividends from its activities. We invite everyone to take part in this very necessary business and make money on it. You can briefly review the terms below by clicking on the picture.  We are an international joint-stock private non-governmental and non-political corporation open to all. We will clean our Oceans together!
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Fill free to read about our corporation and to join us we need support from all seafarers.
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