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Seamen’s application: how to put it in order and sent to the Crewing agency.

On the Internet, you can find hundreds of examples and samples of the seafarer’s applications, which are just for the beginners and for marine specialists. Today we will figure out how to make your profile truly “working”.

So, you have been trained, have issued all the necessary maritime documents and are ready to look for vacancies at sea. We recommend that you first refer to the sites of those maritime companies in which you would like to work or placement agencies with whom you would like to cooperate in finding a job.

Most likely on one of these sites, you will find a seaman application template file – exactly in the form in which potential employers are ready to consider it. If you want to show your serious intentions and the fact that you are interested in working in this company, fill out a template and send it.

But what to do if there are a lot of companies in which you would like to get a job? Filling a separate form for each job would be a waste of time. That is why it is worth making an ideal seafarer’s application once and using it when sending out to crewing agencies and shipowners companies.

While compiling your own questionnaire, it is still worth being guided by generally accepted standards, such as the tradition of indicating workplaces in reverse chronological order – the most recent contract should be the first on the list.

The seaman’s questionnaire should reflect the real work experience in the specialty. It is not necessary to include here the mention of ‘land’ posts – everything should be solely on the merits.

If the experience is not as much as we would like, then do not neglect the training practices on ships – sometimes even these 1-2 months can play a role.

The second most important item after the experience in the seafarer’s profile is the list of documents. This includes maritime certificates, a maritime training certificate and a seaman’s diploma, passports, visas, and any other additional certificates.

In the question concerning the documents, it is very important to specify the dates of your documents – a typo in the validity period of your working diploma may result in a potential employer refusing to consider you for the position. Remember that in some cases it is required that your documents be valid for 6-8 months from the beginning of the contract.

Experience and documents – this is what interests the shipowners in the first place, and in your power to influence it. Always check the relevance of your work documents, renew them if necessary and get new ones if they can help you get a job at sea.

However, there are some parameters that are not so easy to change. For example, citizenship – the shipowner has the right to indicate in vacancies that he considers only seafarers from a certain country. In this case, little can be done – to change citizenship today is not easy at all.

But you can get the Dutch documents – confirmation to the diploma, a seaworthy book and a certificate of maritime medical examination. Even if you live in other countries, with Dutch documents you will get more employment opportunities since you will be on equal footing with European sailors – at least according to documents.

So, if you have checked all of your data, improved your documents, received new certificates or opened visas, then your seaman profile will add significantly ‘weight’. Sending such a sailor questionnaire will definitely bring results, especially if you do it correctly – with our Agency. 🙂

For Your Free Resume Template, Samples, Formatting, and Builder Click on the Images Below:

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Do not forget to prepare a COVER LETTER. When it comes to securing your dream job, any advantage you can gain over other candidates to land an interview is worth taking. The cover letter is one such advantage. To find how to prepare Cover Letter to click on the image below.

THANK YOU LETTER will be the best way to obtain your position. Saying thank you can go a long way. A thank you note or email message, in addition to showing your appreciation, can boost your career, help you get a job offer. To get free example click on the image below.

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Addresses of Employers: how to find them and not miscalculate.

The addresses of crewing agencies and shipowners companies are a real treasure for sailors, and it is worth it to spend your time and even money. Despite the fact that crewing addresses can be found in the public domain, first of all, you need to know what to look for.

If you set a goal, you can find crewing and shipping companies catalogs – small aggregation sites that contain contact information for potential employers. This is really convenient, because useful information is collected in one place, and no need to search all over the Internet. Another thing is that such sites may exist not for the first year, and email and the phones on them could become outdated for a long time. So if you decide to use this crewing address database, be prepared for sending the sailor’s form to nowhere or wasting time to double-check the data.

You can use and a simple search on Google. But in this case, you will spend a lot of time browsing websites that do not fully meet your requirements – now there are many companies in the TOP of search engines that position themselves as recruiting agencies, and in fact, only recruit very narrow specialists. And you, with your highly demanded but not infrequent specialty, will not find vacancies with them.

Another popular option: the exchange of crewing addresses with other sailors. Usually, they go to sea forums or profile groups in social networks. Some sailors, especially those who have personally collected a database of several hundred addresses, are trying to trade them. Others simply lay out a few dozen emails for free access. Such generosity, of course, is pleasant, but even here one needs to be careful – some of the addresses may also be outdated: some companies with which that sailor corresponded a couple of years ago could have already ceased to exist.

Nevertheless, it is a good way to collect crewing addresses for your own contact book.

To buy a crewing base on the Internet today offers many offices and intermediaries. In this case, you will not get any guarantees – the base may turn out to be both up to date and half outdated because you cannot check it before buying.

There is only one option left – working with us. We are constantly working to keep our database up to date: we delete incorrect or non-working addresses and add contacts of new companies. 🙂

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Gentlemen, we invite you to take part in a simple and noble cause of professional cleaning of the Earth’s oceans from carbon-containing pollution (primarily from plastic pollution).
The processing of this deadly for all living things and, above all, for a person on Earth, garbage into excellent and expensive types of fuel (Gasoline, diesel fuel, fuel oil, gas, coke) in an absolutely environmentally friendly way as developed. This technology so far no has been applied. Details of our crowdfunding you can read below.
To whom, if not to us, who gave most of their lives for oceans, and whom the Sea fed, to successfully fight for oceans lives.
We do not ask for big donations, on the contrary, we will create a cheap and completely safe line for processing all carbon-containing waste into high-quality fuel and even try to put the pilot plant on a small vessel.
It does not require large expenditures, and the benefits will be right from the moment of your generous donation to the common cause. This site will immediately become part of your business and we will work for your prosperity and growth, for your well-being. And you will get the dividends. Everything that we do will be yours and the design of the line and the vessels and this site. And you will get not bad dividends.
By helping us you help yourself and above all to your children, who will enjoy, as we all do, the beauties of the LIVE ocean, and not the stench of a lifeless desert. All materials on crowdfunding read below.
We All For a Clear World!
Our “Merchant Navy Engineer” site is part of the International Open Joint Stock Corporation “GLOBAL MARINE POLLUTION” (Sea Life Defend). Briefly, about this Corporation, you can read below.
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This site is only part of the main site. The main site is dedicated to the International Open  Joint-stock Corporation ‘Global Marine Pollution Ltd.’ (sea life defend). The corporation was created for the professional cleaning of the Earth’s oceans from pollution and recycling of garbage into fuel in an environmentally friendly way right on any places all over the oceans. It was created to save a life in the oceans. It will open a lot of jobs for professional sailors. All those who contribute will receive dividends from its activities. We invite everyone to take part in this very necessary business and make money on it. You can briefly review the terms below by clicking on the picture.  We are an international joint-stock private non-governmental and non-political corporation open to all. We will clean our Oceans together!
Click on the image below
Fill free to read about our corporation and to join us we need support from all seafarers.
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