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Testyanov Dmitry

Third or Second Engineer


Dear sir/madam,

Good afternoon!

I born in the Farm Lvov Rostov region, Russia, in 1992. I finished high school in 2012 and in the same year I have complete entering exams to Rostov Water Transport Institute G Y Sedova of Technical Fleet, on a faculty of Exploitation of Vessels Power Plants. I had finished the Water Institute at 2012, with a diploma of  Engineer Officer  My total working years at sea 5 years. I have working experience with ME like MAN B&W, Mak, Man, SKL.  During my experience, I had a lot of repairs, overhauls, and emergency situation with engines and auxiliary equipment. 

Let’s start to explain about my working experience from the last vessel 

1 M/V Talia had the problems with the Main engine. Was repaired by the crew. Restored normal condition and safe conditions on all equipment. For example, repairs were made to the air compressor, all pumps in the engine room and fuel and Lt HT seawater pumps. Restored all chemical indicators in LT HT and boiler water. All equipment with regards to fire flap on ventilation did not work.  Everything is restored and now on the ship all safety first.

2 M/V BBC Ontario. On the BBC Ontario, I had problems with the HFO separator. 3-rd Engineer before me was without work experience. It was necessary to do the right maintenance. I also did average repairs on 2 auxiliary engines like the Man D2842 LE 301,532 kw. Replacing pistons, cylinder liners, cylinder covers, Rods, Injectors. Also repair of the transfer pump HFO replacement of bearings and impeller, replacement of pistons for the compressor I worked on a ship working day since it was UMS. My duties.                                                

3 M/V ZIM Dalian I had problems with the boiler since there was a problem with burning failure due to change the from HFO to MGO and back. I changed the nozzle to injector on the boiler. There was also a problem with the Fresh Water Generator. On the ship was a job card, it strictly regulated the list of works for the month. Made a complete repair of pumps my management.   

4 M/V ERIK  On this ship, I started a contract as Motorman, through the month, got a promotion as 3-rd Engineer. I participated in a place with Fitter to replace the HFO system with MGO. We created a new pipeline from the HFO tank and connected it to the MDO system. It became a tank for Marine diesel oil. There was also the repair of the LT pump, the replacement of the fuel pumps on the Main engine, I helped 2-nd Engineer.   

5 M/V Hilamaya    I had problems with auxiliary engines. Replaced the Injectors, replacing the valves on the cylinder heads as they burned. Replacing plunger pairs on a fuel pump. Replacement and repair of pumps for cooling and lubrication. Also replacement and repair of hydraulics pumps on hatch covers. Two overhauls on the main engine. 

6 M/V Sormovskiy 49    On the contract, I made an average repair of an auxiliary engine. Replacing pistons, cylinder liners, connecting rods, replacing nozzles. There were problems with the remote control of the main engine along with the Second Engineer, we eliminated the cause.

7 M/V Sibirskiy 2118   On this ship I started as a Third Engineer. I operated with auxiliary engines, Boiler, Compressors, separators, sewage Plants. 

 I consider myself an engineer who can really make the right decisions in emergency & difficult situations. I don’t smoke cigarettes & don’t drink alcohols at all, that keep my health & minds is absolutely clear condition.  I can find a common language with all, quite self-critical, easily trained. I open for discussions. I hope so my person has some interest in your good company.

You can connect with me at any time via

skype: dima.testyanov

Viber: +79525834824


phone# +7952 583-48-24



Testyanov Dmitry

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